Artwork & Design Guideline


Please make sure that your design meets our specification. These specifications have been prepared and tested by us, in order to guarantee both quality and speed of the production process of your boxes. If your artwork files do not meet our specifcations, PakFactory is not responsible for any printing errors or delays that can arise as a result. Follow the steps below to perfectly prepare your artwork files, if you are experiencing any problems, our packaging experts can assist you or you can consult the detailed guide at the bottom of the page.

8 Rules for Preparing Artwork Files

When getting your artwork ready, please follow these 8 rules to ensure the best printing results.

Icon that represents what file formats that we accept

File Formats

Send your files in both Adobe Illustrator (AI) AND PDF formats

Icon that represents what color profiles you must take

Color Profiles

All colors must be in the CMYK color space

Icon that represents all texts must be outlined

Outline Text

All text objects must be oulined properly

Icon that represents what black values you should have for print

Rich Blacks

Any black elements should be in 100% K value

Icon that represents that you should not flatten dielines


Do not flatten the provided dieline template

Icon that represents what thickness your strokes should be


All strokes must be at least 0.25 pt thick

Icon that represents all images must be embedded in your illustrator files

Embed Image

Ensure all images are embedded properly

Icon that represents that all your graphics must atleast be 300 ppi


All graphics must be at least 300 PPI

Detailed Artwork Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you prepare your artwork perfectly.

File Format

What file formats do we accept?

illustrator icon
Adobe Illustrator File:
This allows us full control of your artwork without having any of your artwork flattened.
pdf icon
PDF File:
This allows all your vector artwork to stay as editable vectors, however some artwork can be flattened.
eps icon
EPS File:
Allows vectored artwork to be editable in Adobe Illustrator as well allows to be opened in other editing programs.

How do you save PDF files in Adobe Illustrator for print?

When your artwork is ready to be saved, you may go to File > Save As.

On the format dropdown in the save window, select Adobe PDF (pdf) and click Save.

On the Adobe PDF preset dropdown, select Press Quality and click Save PDF.

General Artwork Guidelines

How do you change the CMYK document color mode?

You may change your document color mode by clicking File.

Hover over Document Color Mode and set it to CMYK Color.


While PakFactory will try it’s best to match the gradient density of each color, PakFactory is not liable for any discrepancies in the final appearance of color.

What's the minimum thickness of all strokes & thin lines?

Please ensure all your strokes and thin lines are at least 0.25 pt or at least 0.003 inches in thickness.

How do you prepare files for additional printing options?

For any additional printing options (e.g. foil stamping), they should be indicated and properly placed in separate layers.

They should also be placed on its own dedicated art board for clarity.

How do you prepare files for inside print?

If your box requires interior printing, please indicate “Inside Print” and “Outside Print” on separate art boards.

The inside and outside artwork should also be placed on separate layers.

Dieline Templates

How do you prepare artwork on dieline templates?

Image of a custom dieline template to showcase the different lines on a dieline
Dieline Cut Label
Cut Line (Black Lines)
Indicates the cut at its final size. Important artwork and text should be placed at least 0.125 inches inside of the cut line.
Crease Line Label
Crease Line (Red LInes)
Indicates where the product is to be folded.
Bleed Line Label
Bleed Line (Green Lines)
Indicates where the bleed line is located. Any artwork which goes to the cut line should be extended to the bleed line to get a seamless print.
Safety Margin Label
Safety Margin (Dotted Green Lines)
Indicates where artwork and text should safely be placed inside. As an industry standard, all artwork should at least be placed 0.125 inches away from the cut line unless your design is intentional.
Perforation Line Label
Perforation (Dotted Black Lines)
Perforation line refers to paper that is punched with very small holes to allow the paper to be torn and folded easily.


Please do not change the dimension and orientation of our dieline templates as this may ultimately delay your orders. Our dielines have been specifically calibrated to be compatible with our production systems.

Icon that represents to not flatten the dieline templates
Do Not Flatten Dieline Templates
Place artwork on the dieline templates in a new layer that we provide, do not flatten the dieline.
Icon that represents to separate your dieline and artwork layers
Separate Dieline & Artwork Layers
Do not edit or place any artwork in the dieline layer. Artwork should be placed in a different layers.

Image Preparation

How do I check the image properties in Adobe Illustrator?

You may access the image properties in Adobe Illustrator to ensure that all images and artwork contained in the artwork is print ready by first going to Window.

On the Window menu, select Links and a links window should show with all linked images you currently have on the document.

How do you know if the image quality is 300 PPI?

Access your Link window in Adobe Illustrator and select the image you would like to check.

Click the arrow to expand the properties info if it is not being displayed, and check the PPI value and ensure it is at least 300 for best possible print quality.

How do I check if my images are in CMYK color space?

Access your Link window in Adobe Illustrator and select the image you would like to check.

Click the arrow to expand the properties info if it is not being displayed, and check the Color Space value is CMYK.

How do I embed all my images?

Access your Link window in Adobe Illustrator and select all images.

To embed images, once all images are selected, click on the sub menu and select Embed Image(s).

Font Preparation

How do I ensure all black texts are 100% K value?

Select all texts that are black.

Change all black texts to 100% K value by double clicking the Fill Color.

Ensure that the following values are as follows: C 0% M 0% Y 0% K 100%.

How do I ensure all texts are outlined?

Make sure that all your artwork layers are unlocked, and go to the Select menu.

Under the Select menu, go to Object > All Text Objects to select all text objects.

To outline the selected texts, go to the Type menu.

Under the Type menu, go to Create Outlines to convert all text objects into outlines.

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